Who are we?

Majority of our team consists of students from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology. Other students come from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Faculty of Business and Management and Faculty of Information Technology. In total there are about forty team members from different fields. For expert advice and consultation the team can go to PhD students as well as to employers at a variety of university institutes or external experts from automotive industry.


TU Brno Racing Team was established in the fall of 2010 with support from general partner Bosch Diesel Jihlava. In less than nine months the first Formula Student kind of vehicle was built. And the whole car came from Brno University of Technology workshops. It was called Dragon 1. On international scene it was introduced on the demanding Silverstone circuit. At one of the most prestigious Formula Student competitions the team participated for the very first time. Unfortunately, The Dragon did not see the finish line. Engine problems forced the team to withdraw early from the competition. Nevertheless they managed to outscore almost a half of participating teams.

In 2012 Dragon 2 was built. This car competed in three international events – Formula Student UK, Formula Student Hungary and Formula Student Italy. During the season results were steadily getting more and more promising. That resulted in twelfth place for TU Brno Racing among 44 competitors on the Italian tarmac.

Our goals

Main goal of the team is to design and construct a single seat race car that will be competitive in international events held worldwide. That is not the only motivation though. Learning new stuff, gaining experience in our respective fields and working in a promising collective is also a vital part of our work.

Who supports us?

Our thanks do not only go to our great consultants that help us reach the finish line. They go to our sponsors all the same. Their financial and material support makes our work possible. Therefore special thanks go to them. To learn more about our sponsors you can visit this section.

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