General partner
Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. Bosch support team financially. They manufactured some parts to us, too. It is the general partner of the team.
Platinum partners
The company Honeywell is engaged in development and production of Automotive and Aerospace industry, Automation and Control Solutions, Performance Materials and Technologies, Transportation systems. This company is one of our main partners.
Continental Corporation is one of the world's major distributors for the automotive industry in several sectors.
Škoda auto
ŠKODA AUTO is famous Czech car producer and member of VW Group. This company is one of our main partners.
MCAE Systems is a Czech company, which successfully use the most advanced 3D digital technologies in the industry. Constantly monitoring the latest technological trends in the world focused on advanced product development.
The main object of the company Transtech Tooling is complete delivery technologies for the production of tools for sheet metal forming, casting molds, foundry patterns and core boxes, mother molds for ceramic production, trade antiabrasive layers, vibration dampers and molded plastic parts made ​​of special epoxy and polyurethane resins Biresin® and plate materials for machining SikaBlock®
Ray Service is a Czech manufacturing company, providing comprehensive solutions in the field of cable harnesses, electromechanical components, electronic equipment and supplies cable components for a wide range of customers.
TE Connectivity
The company TE Connectivity is a technology leader that designs and manufactures the electronic connectors, components and systems inside the products that are changing the world - making them smarter, safer, greener and more connected.
Gold partners
The company SKF maintained a leading position for centuries in the field of bearing technology and gained unique expertise in rotating equipment and the mutual relations of parts of machines and industrial processes.
3Tooling is a supplier of specialty castings, molds and finished products in single and small batch production. The sister company of Transtech Tooling.
MANN+HUMMEL product portfolio includes air filter systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filter systems, cabin filters and sound-design components called symposer, as well as filter elements for motor vehicles maintenance.
The company CCI is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of control and isolation valves for the severe service applications of the fossil power, oil and gas and nuclear industries.
C.B.G. Impex
The company C.B.G. Impex s.r.o. deals with elaborating "tailor made" solutions in the area of industrial automation. Services include: elaboration of a study and technical documentation, construction and mounting of devices and putting them into operation. Service and technical maintenance of the realized devices for the whole period of their service is an integral part of our activities.
ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company, which acquired TRW Automotive on May 15, 2015, is now represented at about 230 locations in some 40 countries. ZF is one of the top three automotive suppliers worldwide.
The main activity of the company ATURN cnc is the production of precision mechanical parts (such as shafts, bolts, spindles, flanges, pistons, etc.) and production cooperation. It provides its customers high-quality supply of parts with short delivery time and competitive price.
Silver partners
The company SW-MOTECH makes special designs for motorcycles and metal production.
The company Sika CZ is a world leader in the development and manufacture of products for sealing, bonding, insulation, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures in construction and industry.
WNT is the international sales organization for precision tools for the metal cutting industry. The WNT brand stands for a complete product portfolio and a unique service specifically for machining companies.
Hanon systems - HVCC
The company Hanon Systems has dedicated its efforts to the development and production of high-quality air-conditioning and heating systems for vehicles, driven by the true innovation of the Company’s proprietary technology.
The Company Alfun sells aluminum semi-finished products, especially the Czech and Slovak market. Over time, the company has expanded its range of galvanized and cold-rolled steel sheets, copper and stainless steel and has become a considerable European distributor of metallurgic products.
Activity of the company KOVO-PLAZMA is engineering production focused on processing sheet metal, especially Laser Cutting and CNC bending. Also steel welding MIG / MAG / TIG welding of stainless steel and aluminum and spectral analysis of the chemical composition of materials based on Fe and Al.
LA Composite
The company LA composite engaged in the manufacture of composite, sandwich and laminated structures for the aerospace industry. Also offers products for surface transport (rail vehicles, the automotive industry) and other applications (yachts, textile industry, etc.).
The company GOLDfren is among one of the largest manufacturers for global markets in the field of brake pads. Offering lining from the motorcycle industry to brake linings for aircraft industry (wind turbines, cranes, etc.), mountain bikes and automotive industries.
Liqui Moly
LIQUI MOLY is a range of products for both professional and user application for passenger and commercial vehicles - motorcycles - craft - special machinery and equipment. The company Liqui Moly GmbH is represented in the Czech Republic by MANN + HUMMEL.
BVV Veletrhy Brno
The company Trade Fairs Brno is a professional organizer of international exhibitions based on the needs of the sectors of the Czech economy, whose interests they represent relevant industrial associations. The Brno Exhibition Centre is among the largest world exhibition (23rd place).
RCE systems
The company RCE systems supports our team for a long time in the development of own vehicle electronics and software.
The company Festo addresses innovation in pneumatic and electrical automation technology to deliver high productivity and maximum benefit for your company. Electric and pneumatic components and solutions for process and industrial automation. Over 300,000 customers from the automotive, electrical and paper industry and food companies use knowledge in automation.
AV Engineering
The company AV ENGINEERING represents a unique combination of vendor development and design services and suppliers of top CAx / PLM knowledge solutions designed for developing new products in mechanical engineering. It is also the preferred Windchill partner of PTC.
Tomuli company's main point of interest ist production of carbon and kevlar fabric composites. We also produce various firm and at the same time light parts made of sandwich materials combined with quality resins. These products are used almost in every branch of sport.
The company HBM got more than in 50 years of business at the forefront in the field of electrical measurement of mechanical quantities. Program products is ranged from foil strain gauges across the sensor basic physical quantities to analogue and digital evaluation device.
SVS FEM is the Czech company since 1991. The company specialize in finite element method (FEM). Currently, the team with more than twenty analysts - experts on the issue of FEM. During its existence dealt with more than 400 different FEM projects for both domestic and foreign customers. Currently among the top centers in the country and abroad in the simulations very fast dynamic phenomena and working on several international projects in the military.
PS Time is Everything is new project which would like to offer racing teams analyze their data & let them understand deeply their car or driver.
Company Kistler is a Swiss manufacturer of sensors and systems for measuring forces, moments, pressures and others. The basic three branches of this company are the Automotive, Industrial control and Sensors.
Principal activities of the company OMNITECH include complex services in welding, sale of welding equipment, service on welding apparatuses and auto darkening helmets, consultancy in welding.
Mr. Fabík is a constructor of racing gearboxes and for our team specially modified gearbox for Dragon.
The company Vydona is a czech manufacturer of woodworking tools and special tool systems for wood, plastic and metal.
FABORY MASTERS IN JOINING , FABORY YOURS SPECIALIZED PARTNER FOR SEAMLESS CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS. Besides the extensive range of fasteners also offers a wide range of branded tools , industrial products and safety equipment.
Kovo Uličný
The company Kovo Uličný offers work in the field of metalworking. In the field of metalworking has a wealth of experience. These are mainly metalworking, machining, drilling, CNC turning, milling, grinding, CNC milling, construction activities, material cutting band saw, making grooves in the bullets, drilling calbrated holes, production plant and special purpose equipment.
The company KORDÁRNA Plus is a leading European producer of technical fabrics, primarily cord, carbon and hybrid fabrics. As part of expanding our range of products the company have introduced onto the market the KORDCARBON product series developed for wide application in many industries. Today KORDÁRNA Plus is the only fully Czech-owned company working in the field of production of high-quality carbon and hybrid fabrics for composite applications.
Henkel Automotive
The company Henkel Automotive is the global leader in adhesive, sealant and functional coatings technologies for the automotive industry, they create competitive advantage for their customers along the entire value chain of car manufacturing.
Company TATRA TRUCKS is czech vehicle manufacturer with long tradition, its core production programme includes heavy-duty trucks. Heavy trucks from Kopřivnice are famous for their passability through the most difficult terrains in extreme climatic conditions, high reliability and excellent utility characteristics.
ZDZ engines
Company ZDZ ENGINES proudly presents its range of Giant Scale 2 - stroke Gas Engines for RC model airplanes, PPG, ULL, microlight and many more applications.
Brno city is a major center of higher education in 33 faculties of thirteen universities and other universities with more than 89,000 students. The population and area is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the largest city in Moravia.
Bronze partners
The company LIKO-S has multiple divisions. Division Interiors supplies prefabricated systems for interior design projects. Energy Division delivers administrative, logistics and production facilities for the business. Production Division produces and supplies technological lines and parts of carbon and stainless steel and aluminum.
The Company S&K TOOLS is manufacturing precision and highly complicated tools and components supplied to customers in the automotive industry and precision engineering.
Company KOSTKA offers tchnologicaly advanced scooters for leasure time, turism and sport.
PTC supplies software for creating models and drawings. AV Engineering provided software to us.
UNWORK is a company engaged in the powder coating. Outside finishes new parts is also engaged in the renovation of large machine components such as locomotive chassis, wagons large weldments etc.
A group Messer Technogas produces and supplies oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, protective atmosphere for welding, specialty gases, medical gases and many different compositions.
BOMAR is a company engaged in production of band saws, based in Brno.
Activities of the company Ricardo cover a range of market sectors including passenger car, commercial vehicle, rail, defence, motorsport, motorcycle, off-highway, marine, clean energy and power generation and government. Their client list includes the world’s major transportation original equipment manufacturers, supply chain organisations, energy companies, financial institutions and government agencies.
Zircotec company is specialists in the management of heat. The company offers a wide range of products in this field, such as highly heat-resistant coatings. The company cooperates closely with motorsport and aerospace.
The company Stanyo offers solutions, products and services to meet the needs in the provision of comprehensive hygiene and cleanliness in the interiors of buildings and social facilities for the provision of cleaning and hygiene processes in manufacturing plants in all industries.
The company INDUSTRIAL CZ specializes in the sales range of major companies. Is an authorized distributor of SKF, INA and FAG and the exclusive importer of company FLURO.
M & B Calibr
The company MB Calibr is an accredited calibration laboratory, which is engaged in the sale, service and calibration of measuring instruments.
Life Racing
The company Life Racing offers professional engines, chassis and gearbox controls electronics for automotive and motorsport. They have extensive experience of knock-limited intake-restricted turbocharger control gained over years of support for works WRC and Le Mans, where we have multiple class and series wins in conjunction with race engine development company.
The company easytherm.cz or easytherm.sk is a supplier of equipment for industrial thermal processes . The company's portfolio consists of measuring and control equipment , semiconductor power switches , heaters , temperature sensors , compensation management and level sensors.
The company SULKAR offers second-hand motorcycles for sale, a wide range of clothing for road bikes, enduro, motocross, Choper (Fox, Shift, Ixon) offer Airoh helmets. It also provides maintenance services and accessories.
SCHROTH safety products
Kalírna Hoffman
Kalírna Hoffman deals with the heat treatment of steel.
LARS chemie
The company LARS Chemie besides the supply of industrial chemistry deals with the problems of surface treatment. On the street Radlas in Brno performs silver finishes, tin plating, anodizing, pickling and blasting.
Sixta převodovky
Sixta převodovky - Czech designer of gearboxes with rich experience.
Katring Plus s.r.o.
Company Karting Plus s.r.o. is engaged in surface and heat treatment of metals. The technology ARCOR is used for this. It aims to improve wear resistance, seizure, abrasion and corrosion.
Company KTG provides homologation tests of vehicles.
penerini coffee
Company PENERINI is roasting coffee according to their own recipe in Czech Republic.
Kart centrum Brno
Evektor is an international company and belongs among the leading development and manufacturing companies which are active in the aircraft industry of the Czech Republic. Besides aviation, Evektor has extensive development activities in the area of automotive and mechanical engineering industry. Evektor company was founded in 1991 and since 1992 it has been active in the area of development and design of aircraft. Historically, Evektor continues in traditions of Aerotechnik CZ company which became part of Evektor in 1996 and which was founded in 1970, and during its existence it manufactured, among others, almost 200 L-13 Vivat airplanes.
Polykar - BKP
BKP Group is a leading Czech manufacturer of consumer chemicals for paint shops, repair and mechanical engineering.
The company TeXtreme develops, produces and markets patented Spread Tow carbon reinforcements for achieving superior surface smoothness, significant weight savings, improved mechanical properties and new design possibilities.
The company Ensinger CZ produces compounds, semi-finished products and finished parts, complete assemblies and precision profiles from high-­perfor­mance plastics. Further development of proven production tech­niques, new applications and international ex­pansion have earned this family-owned enterprise a place among the leaders in its field.
Cooperation with high schools
SPŠ Jedovnice
SPŠ Jedovnice specializes in teaching graduation mechanical engineering and ICT fields.
SŠ PTA Jihlava
SŠ PTA Jihlava specializes in teaching mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Study is fulltmime and are completed with graduation.
SŠ COPT is a technical high school that offers its students the technical fiels with graduate and apprenticeships.
General media partner
Konstruktér is a magazine for anyone who is involved in product development. It focuses on modern information technologies in production with an emphasis on specific solutions in Czech practice.
Media partners
eWRC is an independent Czech Internet portal of the rally.
Okruháři.cz is dedicated to Czech motorcycle circuit scene.
MM Průmyslové spektrum
MM Průmyslové spektrum is a czech monthly magazine specialized in mechanical engineering since 1997. It brings particular information about current domestic and international trends in individual sectors industry, with emphasis on production and practice.
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