Team TU Brno Racing represents Brno University of Technology via the Formula Student project all around the World. These days more than 24 000 students attend Brno University of Technology. The university offers to study at eight faculties and three university institutes:

TU Brno Racing team members are from following faculties and institute:

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

With almost 4 500 students and 15 professional workplaces, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the second biggest faculty of Brno University of Technology. The aim of the faculty is education in fields of mechanical engineering and applied sciences where FME is in close cooperation with other faculties of Brno University of Technology. From the FME come the majority of our team members.

  • Faculty of Business and Management

The aim of the Faculty of Business and Management is to educate economists and managers. By its focus on research the faculty wants to broaden knowledge and cultivation of business and management and accomplish a credo of the faculty – Prosperity and humanity. The faculty has functioned on its own since 1992.

  • Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Information Technology was established on 1st January 2002 on basics of Institute of Informatics at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication. Eventually, it was too much to handle for the faculty when it came to informatics, therefore a new faculty was founded. The number of student already exceeds 3000.

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication

Even though the official date of establishment is also 1st of January 2002, history of the faculty goes all the way to 1959. That year Electro technical Faculty was founded. Currently, there are several new buildings being finished that belong to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication. There are more than 4000 students at the faculty.

  • Institute of Forensic Engineering

Partnership with specific school institutes:

  • Institute of Automotive Engineering

  • Institute of Manufacturing Technology

  • Institute of Machine and Industrial Design

  • Institute of Aerospace Engineering

  • Institute of Materials Science and Engineering

  • 3D laboratory 3D Laboratory

  • Netme centre

  • Centre of Sports Activities

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