Formula Student (FS) is a project that our team is part of. It is a prestigious international competition of technical universities. It was held in 1981 in the US for the first time and it found its way to Europe seventeen years later. Races are not taking place just on these continents. Apart from American states and European countries, races are also held in Brazil, Japan or Australia. Total number of participants exceeds six hundred and there are more to come every year.

Aim of the competition remains the same – show the world the ability to build from scratch a single seat race car. The vehicle has to be well controlled, powerful, durable and last but not least safe. Its design should also be appealing, eco-friendly and manufacturing and running the vehicle should not be costly. Participants of this competition are gaining experience that will be valued by their future employers. It is not just about engineering. Team work, communication in foreign languages, contact with sponsors, marketing, economy. That all and much more is tried out by everyone taking part in Formula Student. Task of every team is to come by all the means themselves.

A thorough point system sets a winner at every competition. It is essential that skills of the driver are a major part of final score of a team.

Disciplines are:

Static events:

  • Engineering Design
  • Cost and Manufacturing
  • Business Plan

Safety testing necessary for admission to dynamic events:

  • Mechanical & Safety Scrutineering
  • Tilt Test
  • Noise Test
  • Brake Test

Dynamic Events:

  • Acceleration
  • Skid Pad
  • Autocross
  • Endurance & Efficiency

In total: 1000 points

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